Military-grade cast iron for defence equipment parts

Cost-effectiveness, durability, and reliability make cast iron a compelling choice for defense equipment parts. Today, cast iron solutions are used in a variety of military equipment.

BIRN is a trusted and certified supplier to the defence equipment industry. We have extensive experience in precision casting for defence solutions and expertise in handling documentation with national and international authorities. With our development knowledge, access to industry experts, and cost-effective production, we will support you throughout the process from design to the final product.

Durability, strength, and resistance

Military components operate in harsh environments and undergo intense stress. Cast iron's precision casting ensures intricately engineered defence equipment parts with high durability, strength, and resistance against wear and tear.

A cost-effective production

Cast iron is a cost-effective solution for defence equipment suppliers who do not compromise on quality. And with our DISAMATIC molding and core production, CNC grinding, and automated CNC machining, we create a lean and efficient production flow for your defence equipment parts.

Leave all documentation requirements to us

BIRN is a certified supplier of defence equipment parts approved by the Danish Ministry of Defence. We have extensive experience in handling and processing documentation with Danish, as well as other national and international authorities. 

One stop shop for military-grade cast iron

BIRN is a trusted development partner for the defence equipment industry. We have the experience and certifications to cast, process, surface treat, assemble and support our you during the production of your 
defence equipment parts.

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At BIRN we work proactively to reduce the negative environmental impacts connected with our operations.

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