Your components deserve the right protection.
We work closely with our customers to better understand the requirements of your parts and plan the surface treatment accordingly.

The surfaces of your products are protected in our in-house painting facility. Priming with cathodic electrodeposition (CED/KTL) and finalising with powder paint, your parts are covered according to your needs and specifications. Our new – 3,000 m2 – lacquering plant from 2017 increase our options both in terms of capacity and flexibility and lowers the total throughput times for your product.

In-house salt spray testing and laboratory facility
Close Open In-house salt spray testing and laboratory facility

In-house salt spray testing and laboratory facility

We perform all sample and in-production testing in-house including testing of chemicals in our own laboratory facility including long- time salt spray testing. Separate line for CED, so load on powder paint line only include relevant parts. Separate ovens allowing individual heating time.


Capacity of up to 450 beams per day

CED primer and powder paint

In-house testing facilities

3,000 m2 facilility area

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Manufactures around the world trust us to bring out the best in their most critical parts – and we are ready to earn your trust.

Peter Frost Jepsen, Commercial Director 

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