Advanced machining
for high-quality cast iron solutions 

BIRN specializes in custom machining of cast iron components. Our advanced machine shop and streamlined processes ensure a seamless workflow from start to finish. 

With more than 40 automated machining centers and turning lathes, we efficiently process your castings into ready-to-assemble parts. Our integrated approach ensures efficiency and precision at every step in the machining of all types of cast iron, including grey cast iron and ductile cast iron. 

Under one roof

One stop for efficient machinings

At BIRN, design, casting, machining, surface treatment and shipping are all done under one roof. Our casting and machining engineers work side by side with a common goal: To design the best cast iron solutions for our customers.  

We’ve organized all production processes within our modern facility, so our customers don’t have to worry about outsourcing and long lead times. Our seamless machining setup increases efficiency and allows for greater flexibility and customization, as we can quickly adapt to meet specific customer requirements. 

Whether simple or complex constructions, we do our outmost to deliver precision-engineered solutions.

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State-of-the-art machine shop 

Our machine shop boasts an impressive array of innovative, state-of-the-art machinery. Our equipment includes a wide range of both automated and manual machining centers. From our BA 422 and Hüllerhille 630 machines to Mazak and Heller automated units, we have carefully selected our equipment to ensure maximum precision and efficiency. 

We are equipped to handle parts weighing from 0.2 kilos to 50 kilos (or 0.4 pound to 110 pounds), with dimensions of up to 800x800 mm (or 31,5x31,5 inches). Our expertise extends to the machining of all types of cast iron, including grey cast iron (GJL) and ductile cast iron (GJS, also known as SG, nodular or spheroidal graphite cast iron).

We use CNC machining for optimum speed and accuracy, while our assembly capabilities cover everything from bearing housings to shafts. With fettling and shot blasting services available, we leave no stone unturned to deliver the highest quality results.

“With more than 40 automated machining centers and turning lathes, we efficiently process your castings into ready-to-assemble parts, using CNC machining, lathe machining and milling of cast iron.”

Christian Kjeldsmark Lind, Factory Manager Machining

Meticulous quality control  

Our unwavering commitment to quality is reflected in our adherence to industry standards and certifications. 

_24A2226 webWe use advanced technologies such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and 3D scanning to meticulously inspect every machined component for dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and adherence to specified tolerances. This ensures that every component, whether CNC machined, lathe machined, or milled, meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

We also conduct thorough inspections to evaluate the mechanical properties of our cast iron components. This includes hardness testing, microstructure analysis, and metallurgical testing to verify material integrity and performance. By employing comprehensive quality control measures, we can identify any deviations or defects early in the production process, allowing for timely adjustments and corrections in every aspect of the process to maintain product excellence.

Our quality control extends beyond individual components to the entire production workflow. Through continuous monitoring and optimization of machining parameters, tooling, and equipment, we strive to minimize variability and ensure consistent quality across all batches. 

Circular business model

Circularity in machining: Recycled iron chips and magnetic grit separators

Our entire business model is based on a circular economy mindset. We also prioritize sustainability and resource efficiency throughout our machining processes. Machining chips generated from the machining of cast iron components are recycled in a closed-loop system where the chips are collected, separated according by alloy composition, and reused in the melting process.

We have also installed magnetic separators on our cleaning machines to optimize the recycling of iron grit in the cleaning process. The separators efficiently capture iron particles, allowing us to recover and reuse them in subsequent cleaning cycles. By reusing grit, we reduce the consumption of new abrasives, minimize waste generation and lower overall production costs.

Through innovative solutions such as chip recycling and magnetic separation, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint while delivering high-quality products to our customers.

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“In our modern manufacturing facility, we've centralized all production processes, eliminating the need for outsourcing and long lead times. This seamless processing setup increases efficiency and provides greater flexibility and customization to quickly meet our customers’ needs.”

Christian Kjeldsmark Lind, Factory Manager Machining

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