At BIRN, we look out for each other. We want to be happy when we arrive at work and proud when we go home.
Our business is actually similar to the bumblebee which does not know that it is not fit to fly. In many ways, it is, in fact, illogical that you can run a profitable iron foundry in Holstebro, Denmark in the 21st century. There is fierce competition and labour shortage to the point that new foundries are no longer being constructed in Western Europe. But we have proven that we can still maintain local production in an international group through competent and knowledgeable employees.

Our head office is located in Holstebro, Denmark, where we are approx. 550 committed employees. In the whole BIRN Group, we have a total of approx. 750 employees, including our subsidiaries in Odense and Vejen in Denmark, Kallinge in Sweden, Müllheim in Germany and Milan in Italy.

At BIRN, we have always been open to the world – not least when it comes to employees from distant places. Today, 17 different nationalities work at our factory in Holstebro, Denmark.

As an employee at BIRN, you will experience that we give high priority to our core values:
One team – Passion – Integrity – Responsibility

What our employees say


Here we look out for each other

I’m happy to be here. We have a collective agreement that is complied without hesitation. We have good canteen facilities, and people are rewarded when they have been here for many years. The management also gives gifts for round birthdays and anniversary, and I like that. It makes you feel appreciated. 

Jette Sulkjær, Fettling Operations and senior union representative


It’s like our own factory

I came to Birn in 1987, and I’ve always had the same function at the foundry, where I work in the fettling operations. This is definitely not a sheltered workplace. But they take good care of us, in my opinion. Today, manual hammers have been replaced with technical aids, and investments are being made in robots and new machines that are constantly kept up to date.

Bilal Kocktas (from Turkey), Fettling Operations


We enjoy working at the night shift

I work on the night shift at the core operations. My colleagues mean the most to me. We have a great sense of unity, and I have a foreman who I communicate really well with. That’s highly important to me. We clicked right away. I didn’t know anyone, so it meant a lot to be welcomed when starting a new job. And I certainly was.

Jan Rasmussen, Core O
perations, night shift


We digitize to help our employees

The coolest part of my job is driving a tradition-rich corporation in a more digital direction. BIRN has 127 years of history, so there's a unique story and culture here, which makes it even more exciting to find new and more digital ways of doing things.

David Stampe Grønborg, Group IT Manager

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I go to work with a smile on my face

It shows how my colleagues are not afraid to give responsibility to interns or apprentices. During my internship, I've had many tasks on my plate, and it has been extremely educational, as I have worked with various disciplines within my field.

Line Ceeholm, Intern at BIRN's logistics department

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I like helping our customers meet their needs

I’m the contact for a large customer in Germany, and I almost speak more with her than with my husband. Starting at BIRN as an employee with another mother tongue hasn’t been a problem. Everyone has always treated me well, even though I sometimes still fumble with my Danish. Or fail to understand the Danish humour.

Susanne Pegel (from Germany), Order Management

Civil Engineer internship
- Now Energy Specialist at BIRN

As an Energy Specialist at BIRN, Emil Husted Brodersen has a mission: to help lead the iron foundry to a more sustainable future.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

High employee satisfaction across the BIRN Group

The BIRN Group recently completed its first employee satisfaction survey among all employees across the Group’s six companies in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Italy. The survey results suggest strong employee satisfaction and engagement across all the Group’s companies.

We offer

Canteen scheme

As an employee, you can buy delicious and varied food in our canteen.

Health insurance

You will be covered by PFA Health Insurance, which provides you with quick examination and treatment. If you have children, they will be enrolled in the scheme free of charge. 

Collective agreement and courses

We comply with the Industrial Agreement, and as an employee you are thus guaranteed decent pay and working conditions. In addition, you are offered relevant courses – both internal and external – on an ongoing basis.

Pension scheme

On employment, you will be included in our favourable pension schemes, which apply to all our employees.


We have many talented apprentices, but we are still looking for more. 

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Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have questions about vacancies, hourly paid employment, an internship, or a thesis project.

Morten Madsen, Group HR Manager

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