BIRN has been using certified management systems for more than 20 years and works actively to improve the systems continuously for the benefit of BIRN, our customers and other stakeholders.

Our certificates:

IATF 16949
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 50001
BV Mode II Certificate
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IATF 16949

IATF 16949 is a globally used standard in quality assurance and management, and is the only standard recognised by most OEMs in the automotive industry. All requirements in the quality management standard ISO 9001 are included in IATF 16949, which is consequently the automotive industry’s superstructure to ISO 9001.
IATF 16949 certification can be obtained by an organisation that is actively engaged in production, processes and assembly in the automotive supply chain.
BIRN is IATF 16949 certified and thus meets the requirements of both standards.
The certification means that, through its quality policy and quality management system, BIRN ensures compliance with car manufacturers’ strict requirements for working systematically to reduce variation and waste in processes, for documentation, for ensuring traceability and that the product quality constantly meets the customer’s requirements and expectations.
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ISO 14001

BIRN is ISO 14001 certified. The certification means that, through its environmental management system, BIRN ensures compliance with the applicable statutory environmental requirements and works systematically with continuous improvements aimed minimizing environmental impacts.
This is done by BIRN performing the necessary risk management and environmental mapping. This includes understanding and taking action regarding the potential environmental consequences from the activities and services that BIRN performs as well as the products BIRN manufactures. BIRN has thus laid down an environmental policy and environmental objectives and is obliged to document how environmental conditions are managed and that necessary control measures have been implemented. 
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ISO 45001

BIRN is ISO 45001 certified. The certification means that, through its occupational health and safety management system, BIRN ensures compliance with the applicable statutory occupational health and safety requirements, works systematically with continuous improvements and ensures that BIRN remains a healthy and safe workplace.
The certification ensures that BIRN maps the company’s significant risks in relation to working environment and occupational health and safety. This includes working with actions aimed at continuously improving safety and working conditions for employees and others working on BIRN’s behalf.
BIRN has laid down an occupational health and safety policy and occupational health and safety objectives and is also obliged to document how conditions pertaining to occupational health and safety and the working environment are managed.

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ISO 50001

BIRN is ISO 50001 certified. The certification means that BIRN has laid down an energy policy and energy objectives. Through its energy management system, BIRN ensures that the business maps its energy-consuming devices and continuously works to minimise energy consumption and thus environmental impacts. The certification contributes to achieving better energy results and thus increased profitability.
The ISO 50001 certification ensures that BIRN works continuously with energy improvements through measurements, documentation, reporting and benchmarking of energy consumption and emphasises that sound energy consumption management is a high priority for BIRN.

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BV Mode II Certifikat

The marine and offshore sector has special requirements for certification of, for example, ships and their components. BIRN is BV Mode II certified by Bureau Veritas Marine. This means that Bureau Veritas has seen and reviewed how we at BIRN perform and analyse various tests on cast iron qualities, and can subsequently issue a materials certificate if requested by the customer.
The BV Mode II certification shows that BIRN is certified by BV to issue a materials certificate for its cast products, which may be included in a ship certified by Bureau Veritas Marine if BIRN’s customer requires such special certificate in the customer’s order.

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We are a data-driven business, and if you want further documentation of our certifications, please feel free to contact us.

Lars Jørgensen, Technical Director

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