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BIRN is your one-stop destination for high-quality cast iron solutions. We possess the technologies and certified casting expertise to manage all processes in-house. From design and casting development to processing and surface treatment. 

Entrusting your project to us as your casting partner reduces process complexities, guaranteeing a seamless project experience. We act as a single point of contact, eliminating the need to manage multiple castings suppliers and partners.

Centralizing all processes under BIRN's expertise offers more than just convenience. It heightens operational efficiency. From logistics to project management, we meticulously handle every aspect, ensuring a streamlined process and consistent results.

Our in-house processes

environmental impact

One stop for sustainable casting solutions

As one of Northern Europe's largest foundry groups, we hold ourselves accountable for minimizing our own environmental impact. That is why we continuously work to reduce our own emissions, raise energy efficiency, and optimize resources. We believe this is the best way to help the environment and our clients. 

More about our sustainability efforts

“It is essential that our suppliers are an integral part of our journey, and BIRN is a good example as they, like us, are working hard to reduce their own climate impact and strengthen their offering in developing sustainable cast iron solutions.”

Tom Kvarnström, Director Commodity Powertrain, Scania

One group

We are part of BIRN Group, one of the largest foundry groups in Northern Europe. 

Every company specializes in various areas of casting development and processing of cast iron. Together, we harmonize our efforts, delivering comprehensive solutions that cater to your needs.  


Manufactures around the world trust us to bring out the best in their most critical parts – and we are ready to earn your trust as your cast iron development partner.

Peter Frost Jepsen, Commercial Director 

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